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    Buying a mushroom growing kit is by far the easiest way to start growing mushrooms at home.


    That’s because edible mushroom grow kits are totally beginner friendly- requiring almost no special skills, tools, or other equipment. Other than the mushroom kit itself, you probably already have everything you need at home.


    These easy to use mushroom kits allow new growers to get a feel for what it’s like to farm mushrooms without having to dive too deep into the hobby.


    So are these kits worth buying?


    If you can find a high quality kit, then yes- absolutely. There are loads of different branded mushroom kits available, and lots of different species of mushrooms you can grow… so it’s worth it to do a little bit of research before diving in.


    Although I enjoy growing mushrooms from scratch, I still wanted to try out one of these kits myself to see how effective and easy they really are.


    I was definitely skeptical at first- but ended up having a great experience growing mushrooms from a kit, and think they are definitely worth a try for new growers.



    A mushroom growing kit is essentially a pre-colonized “fruiting block” which has not yet been put into conditions that make it want to fruit mushrooms.


    The mycelium covered block is typically contained in a mushroom grow bag, which can sit dormant for quite some time, especially if it’s kept cool in the fridge.


    You can buy grow kits for a variety of different types of mushrooms, although some species make for better kits than others. One of the most common types of mushrooms you will find in a grow kit is Pleurotus ostreatus – the regular ol’ “oyster mushroom.”


    Oyster mushrooms are pretty resilient to contamination, they fruit relentlessly, and they can grow on a whole whack of different substrates.


    They are super tenacious, and can fruit mushrooms even if conditions aren’t picture perfect- making them an excellent choice for a kit.


    Oysters also grow really quickly, which increases the chances of success. Most grow kits only require a few simple steps and minimal maintenance, although the chances of success and potential harvest size increases greatly if the mushroom block is properly prepared and placed in ideal conditions.




    Make your first grow successful with an easy to use kit! Three easy steps:


    Soak the kit in water.

    Scrape back some of the mycelium.

    Keep moist and near indirect light

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